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23 is a brand new, ultra modern facility providing general and cosmetic dental treatments. Comprising of a team of highly experienced dentists, hygienists, nurses and reception staff, we specialise in cosmetic dentistry including smile makeovers, facial aesthetics and tooth whitening treatments. Cosmetic dentistry can be described as any one or more dental treatments that improve the appearance of your smile. It can include a variety of techniques from simple reshaping of the teeth and gums to placement of porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges or advanced whitening treatments.

Mission Statement
Many people spend a great deal of time, money and effort on hairstyles, cosmetics and clothes to look good. Three out of four adults agree that an attractive smile is important to a successful career and helps to project the right image.
At 23 we specialise in cosmetic dentistry. Whether it be a simple whitening treatment or a full smile makeover, we use state-of-the-art equipment and dental technology to deliver beautiful and natural results. In a relaxed and stress free environment we pride ourselves in providing our clients with a modern and innovative dental experience.
A new smile will be one of your greatest assets. An attractive smile improves your whole appearance; a youthful smile takes years off your looks. Health and beauty will never go out of fashion.

Smile Makeovers
Your smile is one of your greatest assets, it speaks volumes. An attractive smile can improve your entire appearance and enhance self esteem; a youthful smile can take years off your looks. The smile makeover describes a process which changes your smile as a whole to improve misaligned, discoloured, short or worn teeth. Normally involving porcelain veneers or crowns it is done without braces and can be completed in days rather than months or years.

Porcelain Veneers
For the ultimate in smile makeovers, nothing comes close to the natural results that can be achieved with porcelain veneers. Veneers are ideal for straightening twisted or protruding teeth, filling unsightly gaps or transforming the darkest of teeth to brilliant white. Unlike caps or crowns, veneers only cover the front surface of the tooth rather like a false fingernail. Depending on the degree of correction that is required, usually only a thin layer of enamel is removed so the procedure is relatively painless and very conservative to tooth structure. Veneers are hand crafted from porcelain and chemically bonded to the surface of the tooth to produce a perfect, natural tooth colour and shape. They are very strong, stain resistant and give sensational results that will last a lifetime.

Cosmetic Bonding
Bonding is used to reshape individual teeth, close small gaps and repair minor defects such as chips. The material is chosen to match the colour and translucency of your natural teeth and set in place using a bright light. Results are immediate and can usually be carried out in a single visit.

All Porcelain Crowns
Most of us have noticed a friend or relative with an unsightly 'dark line' around the gum of a front tooth. In many cases this is due to the use of metal in a crown or cap and the resulting effect it has on the root of the tooth. Advances in dental materials enable us to eliminate this problem by using 'metal free' all porcelain crowns. Results can be amazing with crowns looking more like your natural teeth.

Non-metal fillings – What is amalgam?
Amalgam is a mixture of many metals such as copper, zinc and mercury. The term 'silver filling' describes the appearance of the material in the mouth. As this type of filling corrodes with age, it turns black.

What are the alternatives?
Numerous cosmetic options exist when replacing silver fillings. At present, porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns or composite resin fillings are all alternatives. Porcelain or composite not only looks better but will bond to the tooth increasing its strength.

Tooth Whitening
Many people spend a great deal of time and effort on hairstyles, cosmetics and clothes to look good. Three out of four adults agree an attractive smile is important to project the right image. Tooth whitening is on the rise and is one of the most popular treatments at 23. Daily habits such as smoking or drinking coffee/red wine over a long period of time can cause otherwise good teeth to become stained and unattractive. Whitening is a conservative and highly effective way to reverse this effect.

Tray Based Whitening
Of all the methods available to lighten teeth, this is still the most popular. Tray based whitening involves the fabrication of custom formed plastic trays that fit comfortably over your teeth. Bleaching gel (supplied by the dentist) is placed into the tray which is then worn overnight or for a few hours during the day over several weeks to achieve excellent, long lasting results.

Chair-side Whitening
If you are the sort of person that likes instant results, you might consider chair-side whitening which can be performed in the dental surgery. Bleaching gel is applied directly to the teeth by the dentist and activated using a powerful light source. With DVD in-chair entertainment to help pass the time, chair-side whitening can dramatically lighten your teeth in about an hour.

Deep Bleaching
This is the latest technique to get amazing results on even the most resistant stained teeth. Deep bleaching combines a special type of at home bleaching trays and one visit of chair-side whitening.

General Dentistry
23 can provide you and your family with high quality routine dental treatment as well as cosmetic treatment: State-of-the-art sterilisation for your peace of mind. Digital x-rays for your comfort and protection. Hours to suit you. Personalised treatment plans. Free dental health education for children.

Cross Infection
We understand the concerns that many patients have over cross infection control. We follow all the national guidelines and use disposable materials wherever possible. Our facility houses a dedicated central sterilisation room designed to ensure zoning and elimination of cross infection. All non-disposable instruments are first cleaned thoroughly using the latest ultrasonic cleaning baths. A steam autoclave is then used to sterilise instruments which are immediately housed in sterile bags. Modern dental equipment greatly reduces the possibility of cross contamination and infection. Dental unit water systems are designed to ensure that the water supply to each patient is protected. Automated internal disinfection systems are used daily – we also use disposable suction tips.

We actively seek forward thinking Dentists and Dental Hygienists to work within our practice. If you would be interested in working with us, or even just visiting our practice for an informal chat, please contact us on 01670 505 020 for further information.

Please click here to visit our new portfolio section where you can view examples of work recently completed at 23 Cosmetic Dental Clinic.

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